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You have recently opened a bar in Perth and require a glass door fridge for it. However, you do not have any funds left to purchase this equipment. Does this imply that you will have to wait for several weeks or months to accumulate the money required to purchase a fridge? Not at all! For the uninitiated, bar fridges are available for rental at an affordable monthly charge. Once you collect enough money from your business, you can cancel the rental agreement and purchase a brand new refrigerator.

Temperature is the key

For your information, the taste of beer and wine can be spoiled easily if the temperature of the refrigerator in which it is stored in not cold enough. Therefore, it is vital to store these alcoholic beverages in a wine cooler or a beer refrigerator. Never try to store beer and wine bottles in regular refrigerators as their temperature is too cold for the main varieties of wine. Here are certain points to ponder when purchasing a bar fridge.

Fridge capacity

Make sure that the capacity of the fridge is sufficient to store the number of bottles you will need to serve per day. You should also check if the fridge has adjustable shelves as not all wine and beer bottles are of the same size. The good news is that you have a wide range of fridges to choose from in Perth stores, and are sure to find one that meets your requirements.

Proper ventilation

Keep the fridge in such a way that there is enough gap between its sides and its rear and the walls. The evaporator coils on the side and the rear of the fridge generate lots of heat and require flowing air to cool them through ventilation. If the coils do not cool enough, they will affect the overall temperature inside the fridge and the beverages kept therein will not be chilled at the pre-set temperature. For good measure, store the device in a properly ventilated room. This allows the cooler to remain cool and ensure that it does not put extra pressure on the condenser. You will also receive inflated power bills if the condenser of your refrigerator runs for a longer period than it should.

Tips for selecting the right commercial bar fridge

Glass-door fridges are different than their normal counterparts as their doors do not have the same insulation level as that of solid door refrigerators. This is the reason they have to deal with additional heat entering the interior of the fridge through its glass door. This warms up the inside of the fridge, forcing the compressor to run for longer durations to keep the interior of the fridge cool. These fridges also boast of large fans that remove additional hot air from inside the equipment.

Advantage of Rentals

Keeping the above factors in mind, it is preferable for bar owners to opt for bar fridge rental. We at Commercial Fridge Rentals offer some of the best bar fridge rental deals in Perth. The advantages of renting include:

• Frees up working capital
• Up to date equipment
• Rental prices are inclusive of repairs and maintenance
• Flexible rental periods
• Associated tax and financial benefits

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