Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Fridges

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Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Fridges

People often ponder whether they should buy a commercial or domestic fridge plus the difference between commercial and domestic fridges.

Domestic Fridges

Domestic fridges are used to slow the decomposition of food by keeping your food and drinks cool.

Domestic units run quieter than commercial fridges. The high noise levels in commercial fridges are caused by heavy duty external and internal fans, as they have to continuously distribute chilled air inside the cabinet, and remove excess heat from the rear coil. Coupled with condensers and that bring down temperatures much quicker than domestic units, results in a higher decibel noise generation.

They chill products efficiently without consuming excessive power. The flipside is that they cannot cope with large quantities of products being taken out from them and replacing them with warmer stock continuously. Continuous closing and an opening of doors, along with stock rotation puts a huge load upon the cooling system, fans, and compressor, which are not designed to cope with these frantic workloads. The result is warm stock plus a unit that might break down within its warranty period.

In numerous cases, domestic fridges come in a specific size range, allowing you to fit them in a garage or kitchen effortlessly. Manufacturers generally manufacture this equipment considering that domestic consumers have to pay a specific power bill every month. Additionally, domestic fridges typically have an attached freezer too. Commercial enterprises usually need separate freezer space. Therefore, commercial fridges typically do not contain attached freezers.

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Commercial Fridges

In contrast, commercial fridges are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Models like the Sanden SPU-1253 upright (display) refrigerator are ideal for restaurants and hotels. Others models are popular for use in the brewing and transportation industries. That is to say, commercial fridges could be as large as train box cars or as small as domestic refrigerators. Commercial refrigerators are more powerful and larger than their domestic counterparts. These features, along with enhanced storage space, make them suitable for commercial businesses of all sizes. In addition, cleaning commercial fridges is easy too.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers have to be specially engineered so that they can withstand continuous use. Their cooling systems, compressors, and fans have to be larger and have the ability to bear these constant demands. The difference is like a V8 in the commercial unit versus a four-cylinder car in the domestic unit.

Everything, from the controller and motherboard to the density of the insulation in the cabinet is an upgrade in both performances as well as function. Sans such upgrades, units will not be able to perform properly in higher temperatures and will typically last less than a couple of years.

Ensure that you purchase a unit that is suitable for the task at hand. Providing as much information as possible to your refrigerator specialist ensures that the model you purchase will be able to effortlessly cope with your demands, and provide you with many years of hassle free service.

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