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Advantages of A Double Door Upright Display Fridge

Most people who are buying refrigerated foods like to be able to see what is in a fridge without actually having to open it, and glass door refrigerators have understandably become very popular. And many customers like to buy food that is safely and hygienically displayed behind glass, but still easy to identify.

Commercial Fridge Rentals offers glass refrigerators with double doors and a single door, among the several different models they specialise in. They also offer upright freezers for hire in Perth.

If you are looking for a fridge that doesn’t take up too much floor space but still has plenty of storage space, the double door upright display fridge is a perfect choice.

In fact, the double door upright display fridge has several advantages:


Customers can easily see the fridge’s brand name or logo, instantly giving customers a good idea of the variety of products for sale and creating a positive impression. And it’s easy to store different food products in the fridge in different ways, depending on their size or variety, or simply how you want to present them.

And of course, the glass doors mean that it isn’t necessary to open the door to actually see the products inside the fridge. This makes it a lot easier to see at a glance their sell-by dates, whether any products are spoiled and whether it’s time to restock.

double door upright display fridge


This type of refrigerator uses a lot less energy than other models, thanks to the energy-efficient glass doors which are often double glazed. And as pointed out previously, opening the door repeatedly to see what’s in the fridge isn’t needed because of the glass doors, and this can further save on your energy bills. And the temperature of the refrigerator tends to remain at a constant level, as the doors are not being opened as often, meaning that cold air isn’t escaping. In short, the glass doors mean that the refrigerator doors aren’t being opened as often as they might otherwise be, and this can really make a positive difference in your energy bill.

Visually Appealing

These fridges simply look stylish and appealing, and larger and more spacious than they really are, thanks to the glass doors and the interior LED lighting. The food products inside the fridge are also more visually appealing as they are illuminated by the interior lighting, and customers are instinctively attracted to food products that are clearly visible and well illuminated. Keeping the inside of your fridge clean, tidy and organized is somehow a lot easier to do when the interior is in full view. In short, a double door upright display fridge simply looks good, appeals to customers and can improve the look and feel of your store, and of course increase sales.

Easy to Maintain

It’s also easy to keep those glass doors clean, by simply wiping them every so often with a damp cloth, and most store owners also feel that because they can see the interior of the fridge, it’s a good incentive to keep the insides clean too.