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Are you plagued by the soaring energy bills post installation of either a refrigerator or freezer in your store or restaurant?

For your information, air conditioners and heaters apart, commercial refrigerators and freezers consume a large amount of power. While you can switch off your air conditioner, it is not possible for you to turn off your refrigerator/freezer, as they keep perishable foods in ideal temperature, preventing them from rotting.

A fridge with a storage capacity of 400-500 litres consumes approximately 495 kilowatt-hour per annum, which translates into a cost of nearly $163.35, taking into account energy usage at 33 Cents per KWh. Your fridge consumes approximately 13 percent of your energy bill.

As you cannot switch off these devices, make use of the following energy-saving tips for commercial refrigerators and freezers, which will help you substantially cut down on your energy bills without compromising on the quality of the perishables stored inside your refrigerator.

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10 Energy Saving Tips For Commercial Refrigerators And Freezers

• Location:

Make sure that you keep the fridge or freezer in an area not subjected to direct sunlight. A fridge or freezer placed in a hot area needs more energy to maintain its temperature.

• Space:

The condenser coils of your fridge release quite a lot of heat. Therefore, ensure that you keep a minimum gap of four inches between the fridge and the walls surrounding it.

• Temperature setting:

Instead of setting the thermostat to the maximum cooling capacity, ensure that its setting is such that water in its trays freezes in around 30 minutes. This decreases the running time of its condensers.

• Energy rating:

Check the energy rating of your fridge. They are on a scale of 1 to 5. The higher the rating the more energy efficient the device.

• Size:

Instead of purchasing a high capacity fridge, buy a size that meets your requirements. Larger freezers and fridges need more power to cool because of their extra storage space.

• Maintenance:

Leaks in the seals force the condenser to run for a longer period. Check for leaks on a monthly basis and, if required, get them fixed.

• Model:

The brand and the model of the refrigerator plays a vital role in power consumption. Always go for the best brand and a model that meets your requirements.

• Hot foods:

Refrain from putting hot foods in the refrigerator. Allow them to cool down before placing them in the fridge.

• Avoid repeated opening:

Avoid opening the doors of the fridge regularly and for long periods. This decreases the temperature inside it, causing its compressor to run for more hours than necessary.

• Cleaning the coils:

Cleaning the condenser coils improves the overall cooling efficiency of the fridge. You will need the help of a professional for this.

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