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Blank Question

Blank Question

What is the power supply for Mobile Cool Room / Freezer Room?

10 AMP

What is the power supply for standard 1/2/3 Door Fridges?

10 AMP

What is the power supply for Freezers?

1 Door – 10 AMP
2 Door – 10 AMP – 15 AMP
3 Door – 10 AMP – 15 AMP
Chest Freezers – 10 AMP

How many shelves are there in the Fridges & Freezers?

It ranges between 4 – 5 shelves per unit, depending on the make & model.

What Brands are more efficient?

All the brands we recommend are efficient

How do I save on Power Costs?

We recommend to the customer to run their air conditioner at around 23 degrees in the hotter months, so that the units are not over heating, as most units are rated at 30 degrees ambient Temperature.

What is Ambient Temperature?

Ambient Temperature is when the rating on the fridge I.E: ( 30 Degrees Ambient ) means if its in an environment hotter than 30 degrees the fridge / freezer will struggle to maintain temperature, that is when problems will occur.

Why Rent?

When you rent from Commercial Fridge Rentals, the monthly fee covers all costs in the event there is a breakdown.

It also free’s up working capital, that allows you to spend money in other areas of your business.

What happens if I have a breakdown?

When there is a breakdown, you call 08 9250 2222, then we arrange for a technician to come out and have a look at the unit, we strive to have the unit repaired with minimum down time.