How Can you Extend the Life of your Commercial Refrigerator?

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Keeping your commercial refrigerator in top condition will ensure its longevity. It will also spare you from the cost of repair and replacement.

Here are simple ways on how you can keep your refrigerator running in top condition.

Tips to Extend Your Commercial Fridge’s Life

1. Clean the condenser

The fins and coils at the condenser can accumulate dirt and debris over time. The condenser cools down the refrigerant vapours. When coils are covered in muck, it won’t be as efficient in cooling.  A buildup of dirt particles can cause a rise in your utility bills since the coils will work twice as much.

Take extra precaution though when cleaning the condenser. You should wear protective gloves, masks, and goggles.

2. Clean the gaskets or door seals

The gaskets are the rubber structure that helps your fridge close correctly. Cleaning it regularly would ensure that your refrigerator is adequately sealed, ensuring that the refrigerants are in good working condition.

You can also check the gaskets for any punctures or rips. Just use warm water to clean the gaskets. And in case there are rips or holes, it’s necessary to replace them.

3. Inspect the evaporator drain hole and pan

Drip pans catch the water when you defrost your refrigerator.  The drip pan is the part of a fridge that’s often overlooked. Remember that drip pans should be regularly cleaned. If not, mould can thrive and develop an unpleasant smell. It’s also best to check the drip pans if there is any blockage or if it’s clogged.

4. Defrost, defrost, defrost

Regular defrosting prevents the build-up of ice in the freezer, making your unit more efficient.


Cleaning your refrigerator regularly can make it more efficient, thus preventing hikes in your utility bills and helping your bottom line in the long run. Also, cleaning your fridge is important for health reasons. You don’t want mould to thrive in your refrigerator unit and place your customers’ health at risk.

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