How do you clean a commercial refrigerator?

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Why You Should Clean Your Commercial Fridge

Regularly cleaning a commercial fridge helps keep it efficient. It reduces the overall cost to run it and reflects well on your monthly energy bill, too. Even the most energy-efficient model requires maintenance.

A quick and thorough clean occasionally will ensure that no parts need attention and stave off costly repairs.

Steps to Cleaning A Commercial Fridge

Your next question will no doubt be, “How do you clean a commercial refrigerator?” Let’s go through the five steps below.

1. Switch it Off and Empty It

Switch it off. Every time a fridge door is opened, the internal temperature increases. It means that the appliance will use more energy and work harder.

No matter the energy star rating of an appliance, cleaning with the fridge on and the door open will skyrocket the kilowatt-hour count. Emptying it kills two birds with one stone while you check for items that have expired.

2. Choose the Appropriate Chemicals

Choose the right product for the job. For example, be careful not to use anything abrasive on non-stick surfaces. Check to see what chemicals react with materials used to make the fridge and avoid those substances.

3. Start with the Seals in the Door

Dish soap and a bit of sanitiser spray are adequate. Wipe down the seals and get right into the grooves. If there are signs of mould, you’ll have to wipe it down with disinfectant spray. Then dry it thoroughly and move to the next step.

4. Clean the Interior and Exterior

If possible, take out any shelves and drawers. Spray the inside with sanitiser spray and wipe down every nook and cranny.

5. Clean the Condenser Filter

It’s essential to check and clean the air filter regularly. The filter prevents particulates from being sucked in, and if the screen becomes clogged, the machine fails soon afterwards.

It’s simple enough—unclip the filter and remove the dirt with a vacuum.

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