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What is a Commercial Cool Room?

A commercial cool room is essential for food-serving establishments and restaurants. The cool rooms are also used in medical facilities. They are widely used to ensure that the production facility is well in order and the products are safe with the overall temperature well maintained.

The cool rooms come into active play when your facility includes processes and equipment which can be sweltering hot, like smelting areas and welding equipment.

What are the few essentials to keep in mind when installing Commercial Cool Room?

Temperature essentials – Cool Rooms come with a defined classification and rating which helps you decide whether this storage facility will suffice your need. For instance, if you wish to store frozen foods like the ready to cook meat, or seafood then a medium temperature range cool room or the class D cool room are the best choice.

For ice creams and other deep-frozen eatables, you would need a class J cool room. In some areas of applications, it is required that the cool room has even lowered temperature ratings, this is ideal for use at blood banks and medical storage.

Decide your preference, assembled or constructed – A cool room is constructed around the brick of the wall of your building preferably basement. The walls are sprayed with a foam coating or an insulating polyurethane. In case, temperature control is required you can opt for installing wiring.

An assembled cool room is the one which is prefabricated construction. The panels are made in a factory and shipped to your location, where they are assembled on site. Assembled cool rooms are available in a wide range of sizes and if the facility is small you will need the cool room in the center rather than the cool room sitting in a corner.

In case, your facility is mini or if you wish to place your cool room in the center rather than keeping it at the corner, then an assembled cool room would serve your purpose right.

The constructed cool rooms must be built on local codes, so you have to obtain permission before initiating the construction task. In the case of an assembled cool room, you are not required to work around the building and hence it aids faster installation and there occurs no hassle, whatsoever.

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