Maintenance Tips for Commercial Fridges

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Commercial enterprises typically forget routine refrigerator maintenance, and this ignorance leads to costly emergency repairs. Large quantities of refrigerated stuff can go stale during repairs.

Businesses that undertake regular maintenance do not have to face this dilemma. Routine maintenance decreases power consumption and increases the lifespan of commercial refrigerators.

Businesses can benefit from the following Maintenance Tips for Commercial Fridges

Consumer care

In between scheduled professional service visits, businesses should undertake basic maintenance checks on commercial refrigerators, as this can reveal requirement for expedited maintenance.

Inspect refrigerator

Problems that require addressing can be detected through basic inspection of a commercial refrigerator. Condensers, typically located under a cover, and filled with dirt prevent dissipation of heat. Door seals torn due to regular usage lead to leakage of cold air. A qualified technician can deduce if the door seals require replacing or if the condenser requires cleaning after inspecting them.

Clean well

Clean commercial fridges ensure fewer issues in the end. Prevent formation of mold that can spoil your inventory by cleaning the interior of your fridge. Enhance the effectiveness of the seal by cleaning the door seals to remove dried spills.

Commercial Fridges

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Professional maintenance check

Professional maintenance offers much more than a business can undertake with its resources. Such maintenance also enhances the longevity of commercial refrigerators.

General checkup

Businesses benefit from regular checkups, such as operational inspection of temperature and cycling, of their commercial refrigerators.

Checking refrigerant level confirms if the unit has the required volume of coolant to function optimally. Apart from compressor checks, oiling bearings and motors, allows proper functioning of the fridge’s moving parts.

Increase cooling ability by cleaning condenser coils and cleaning clogged water drain outlets. Replace worn parts as required to ensure that commercial refrigerators run optimally.

Extensive cleaning

Professional cleaning is more than simply soap and water. It includes fumigation of the fridge to remove fungus that are hazardous to health and replacing worn our door seals. Professional fridge cleaning ensures elimination of mold and bacteria that can contaminate goods stored in the fridge.

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