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We stock all the latest commercial fridges and freezers from top brands including Skope, Woodson, Berjaya and more. These brands lead the way in efficiency, performance and design. Get the very latest fridge and freezer technology for your WA business.


Welcome to Commercial Fridge Rentals

As a Western Australian owned and operated company, we understand the challenges and opportunities that face West Australian business owners. Since 1998, we have provided top refrigeration equipment to the WA food and hospitality industry.

We have seen first hand how providing fridge and freezer rental empowers businesses to grow and develop. With more capital, business can move forward with confidence knowing their important equipment is backed by service and maintenance.

We stock a huge range of 200+ fridges and freezers and can help you find a solution that is ideal for your business and budget. If you have any questions we are more than happy to help. Contact us today on 9250 2222 or browse our range of products by following the link below.

Perth Commercial Fridge News

Stock Clearance Sale

Stock Clearance Sale

November 24, 2018

Here at Commercial Fridge Rentals, we make it our mission to provide a wide range of all types of refrigeration to the food and hospitality industry. This year, we are delighted to offer our customers a stock clearance sale with all our ex-rentals items which are absolutely clean and maintained. Simply scroll down to see … Read more

commercial fridge

Tips for Display Fridges in Restaurants

November 23, 2018

Restaurant Display Fridges Food is made with the choicest ingredients to please our taste buds. However, it should look wonderful too, as we judge food by the way it is presented. This is why chefs of popular restaurants emphasise on food presentation. Apart from tasting good, proper presentation makes the food more appealing and mouth-watering. … Read more

double door upright display fridge

Double Door Upright Display Fridge

October 18, 2018

Advantages of A Double Door Upright Display Fridge Most people who are buying refrigerated foods like to be able to see what is in a fridge without actually having to open it, and glass door refrigerators have understandably become very popular. And many customers like to buy food that is safely and hygienically displayed behind … Read more

ice cream display freezer rental

Why Ice Cream Display Freezer Rental Makes Sense

September 15, 2018

Ice Cream Display Freezer Rental An ice cream display freezer rental is good to have for the precise reason that the price is right. It’s definitely cheaper than buying the one appliance sought after in convenience stores and restaurants. Whenever and wherever frozen products are served or sold, a freezer is mandatory to maintain freezing … Read more

sandwich preparation bench fridges

Benefits Of Sandwich Preparation Bench Fridges

August 20, 2018

Having a sandwich preparation bench fridges is an advantageous method to keep your profitability up in your business kitchen. You can easily access your best quality ingredients for your sandwiches. The temperatures in a sandwich prep fridge are managed by you, so you can ensure your foods are of safe temperatures. There are racking and … Read more

Commercial Fridge And Freezer For Home

July 26, 2018

Commercial Fridge and Freezer for Home Homeowners sometimes prefer commercial refrigerators because of their large capacity, stainless steel appearance, and glass front door. Minor Obstacles There are obstacles to be aware of when purchasing commercial refrigerators, despite the fact that they provide an aesthetic benefit. Commercial refrigeration is built for using to be used in … Read more

Tips For Displaying Your Drinks In A Commercial Refrigerator

July 16, 2018

You can increase sales in your gas station, convenience store or supermarket deli by presenting your food in a commercial display refrigerator. These units can keep many items chilled and fresh, and this includes drinks, foods, salads, snacks, flowers and parfaits. Each display refrigerator comes with its own unique features, such as LED lighting, decorative … Read more

Short Term Fridge Hire in Perth

June 21, 2018

Short Term Fridge Hire Buying a fridge for a short duration does not make sense, as it can be quite expensive. Rather, it makes sense to call Commercial Fridge Rentals for hiring a fridge in Perth, WA. Short Term Fridge Hire for Homes Are you facing dearth of space in your fridge? Do you face … Read more

Belleview SGFA 2XB Models Cake Sandwich Display

Tips for Cake Shop Displays

May 21, 2018

Hints for Cake Displays An owner of a bakery may think that the aroma of fresh baked goods is all the marketing that they might need. Even though this is true to an extent, your display may be just the thing to draw customers into your store. Be creative in your presentation to the public. … Read more

It's great to know that Mark and the team at Commercial Fridge Rentals always has our equipment covered with great service and support.

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