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We stock all the latest commercial fridges and freezers from top brands including Skope, Woodson, Berjaya and more. These brands lead the way in efficiency, performance and design. Get the very latest fridge and freezer technology for your WA business.


Welcome to Commercial Fridge Rentals

As a Western Australian owned and operated company, we understand the challenges and opportunities that face West Australian business owners. Since 1998, we have provided top refrigeration equipment to the WA food and hospitality industry.

We have seen first hand how providing fridge and freezer rental empowers businesses to grow and develop. With more capital, business can move forward with confidence knowing their important equipment is backed by service and maintenance.

We stock a huge range of 200+ fridges and freezers and can help you find a solution that is ideal for your business and budget. If you have any questions we are more than happy to help. Contact us today on 9250 2222 or browse our range of products by following the link below.

Perth Commercial Fridge News


Tips for Organising Commercial Chest Freezers

May 14, 2018

Getting the Most from Your Chest Freezers It’s hard to imagine everyday life without having a freezer and the convenience it offers, but have you ever thought about perhaps organising your freezer more efficiently? There are two main types of freezers, chest freezers and upright freezers, and each has their pros and cons. A chest … Read more

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Choosing the Right Commercial Fridges

April 24, 2018

How to Select Commercial Fridges There are many things to consider when selecting commercial fridges for your business. Commercial freezers and fridges, unlike domestic fridges, are large and designed to store large quantities of food. Designed to meet the demands of a commercial kitchen, they are of a durable design and consume more energy. Additionally, … Read more

Tips for Organising Your Commercial Fridges

April 10, 2018

How to Organise Commercial Fridges? These useful tips for organising your commercial fridges can help you to make sure your restaurant and kitchen are well organized, safe and easy to use. Health and safety regulations, as well as your usage of specific items, will help to determine how you organize your fridge, although these tips … Read more

Commercial Fridges

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Fridges

March 23, 2018

Commercial enterprises typically forget routine refrigerator maintenance, and this ignorance leads to costly emergency repairs. Large quantities of refrigerated stuff can go stale during repairs. Businesses that undertake regular maintenance do not have to face this dilemma. Routine maintenance decreases power consumption and increases the lifespan of commercial refrigerators. Businesses can benefit from the following … Read more

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Tips for Saving Energy with Commercial Fridges

March 23, 2018

No doubt, commercial freezers and fridges are essential in fast food outlets, supermarkets, and restaurants; they hike up the energy bills considerably. Freezers consume 38,000 kilowatts and fridges 170,000 kilowatts, as these gadgets work round the clock to keep items cold or frozen. This typically results in inflated energy bills. For businesses, the main issue … Read more

It's great to know that Mark and the team at Commercial Fridge Rentals always has our equipment covered with great service and support.

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