2 Door CCE1130 1000L Crusader Upright Flower Fridge



  • Refrigerant R134A
  • Shelves 5 adjustable per door Lighting ( internal)  vertical LED Controller
  • CAREL Electronic Door  Double  glazed, self-closing
  • Gross  Capacity 1000 Lts
  • Temp Range  + 8 to +12 ”C Max. Ambient Temp.  38 ”C / 50°/» RH
  • Power Lead 10 Amp, 3 pin
  • Weight kgs  140 kgs Warranty  24 mths labour, 24 mths parts
  • Shelf Size: 530mm Wide x 500mm Deep

The  GCCE glass door model allows your  customers to enjoy the dual benefits

of long-term power savings while displaying products.

See below additions to the flower fridges.

Reduced variable speed fan motor to increase humidity internally but also to reduce air flow over flowers.

This helps to reduce damage to Flowers.

Mechanical humidity indicator level, to allow visual humidity levels in Cabinet.

Auto condensate CRH Pan, to dispose of increased water generated during defrost cycle.

Every Florist across Australian need a refrigerator display to show their product in the best light so as to persevere the flowers for as long as possible thus decreasing loss profit from spoilt flowers.

Increase the natural beauty of the flowers on display which in turn increases the products retail value resulting in more retail sales and larger profits for the Florist owner.

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Doors x 2

Refrigeration volume