2 Door Norsk NSK-NG1000 Low Energy 1000ltr Display Fridge

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Code: NSK-NG1000

Product Description:

The New Energy Efficient Model – Saving YOU money ! The NG range from Norsk is the new economical range designed to minimise power consumption while maximising versatility with precise temperature control. This ecofriendly R290 units operates 50% more efficiently than others saving you money and doing the right thing for the environment.

  • High 43′ Temp Rated
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Only 2030mm high – fits under standard door hight
  • Illuminated light box
  • Double internal full length vertical lights
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Self closing hinged lockable doors
  • Castor wheels for ease of movability – front with brake
  • Temp Range 0 – 10’C
  • Volume – 1000ltr
  • Unit Dimensions 1130mm x 720mm x 2030mm