Tips for Organising Commercial Chest Freezers

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Getting the Most from Your Chest Freezers

It’s hard to imagine everyday life without having a freezer and the convenience it offers, but have you ever thought about perhaps organising your freezer more efficiently?

There are two main types of freezers, chest freezers and upright freezers, and each has their pros and cons. A chest freezer is a better option for storing a large quantity of frozen food, and you can get the most out of it with these useful tips.

Fill It Carefully

It’s actually easy to waste the storage space offered by a large chest freezer, and to get the most out of yours, only put in items that you actually need to be frozen. Make a point of removing items that you just aren’t going to use.

Don’t Ignore the Color Coding

You can minimise food wastage and make sure that the food items in your freezer are organised efficiently by using a colour coding system. It’s easy to colour code the products in your freezer by marking the outside of the plastic wrapping that you place items in. Locating the type of food product that you need is a lot easier with a system that gets your freezer space organized.

Label Your Food Products

Labelling different food products can help you to keep track of what you have, and what you need to order or buy, as well as making sure that products aren’t wasted. Using frozen food before it goes bad is important, and when you label your frozen items, you should include the date it was placed in the freezer, as well as the item’s name or description. Food wastage can be kept to a minimum when you use the oldest products first; accurately labelling your food items is a big part of that. Remember in some commercial applications you need to freeze food instantly. There are a range of Commercial Ice Machines available on the market for this purpose.

Use Open Bins

Prevent small items from getting lost under larger items by using open bins in your chest freezer. If you have a lot of smaller items to store, and a large enough freezer, this can also help with being organised.

Blocking Off Sections

Plastic boards can be used to block off sections that can then be used for different types of food items, and it’s one of the easiest ways to keep your chest freezer organised. A section for vegetables, another for fruits and another for meats can help you or your customers quickly find exactly what they need.

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