Tips for Saving Energy with Commercial Fridges

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No doubt, commercial freezers and fridges are essential in fast food outlets, supermarkets, and restaurants; they hike up the energy bills considerably. Freezers consume 38,000 kilowatts and fridges 170,000 kilowatts, as these gadgets work round the clock to keep items cold or frozen. This typically results in inflated energy bills.

For businesses, the main issue is that these appliances do not run at optimal capability, they are actually working harder to produce the same results, which results in increased energy bills.

Here are six tips for saving energy with commercial fridges and freezers.

Careful control of anti-sweat heaters

Commercial settings use anti-sweat heaters to prevent a build-up of frost and condensation on glass doors. Unfortunately, they can inflate power bills considerably if you leave them on permanently. To avoid this, ensure that you install adaptive controls, which cuts off the power when heating is not required and turns it on when required.

Check seals are working efficiently

Seals and door gaskets can pose problems from time to time. If leaking seals do not function properly, they can cause warm air to enter the refrigeration compartment. Apart from resulting in spoiled food, it also leads to wastage of energy. Hence, ensure that all gaskets and seals are serviceable at all times.

Ensure coils are dust free

Ensure that the coils of your freezer are free of dust. Cleaner coils consume less energy as they optimize the heat transfer within the unit.

Ensure proper airflow

Commercial freezers and fridges take up a lot of space. However, it is vital to ensure that the gadget has adequate airflow circulation around it. The heat exchange coils cannot function properly if airflow is limited resulting in wasted energy.

Install motion sensor lighting

Can you recall the number of occasions when you have gone into your walk-in freezer or fridge to discover that somebody has left the light on? Consider installing motion sensor lighting that switches on automatically when someone enters and turns off when they leave to avoid this issue and conserve your energy bills.

You might consider installing night curtains if you operate open refrigerated cases. This prevents cool refrigerated air from escaping unnecessarily during non-business hours.

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